Waiting for the first class to start.

Meanwhile, we are waiting for July 2nd, when Animation Mentor class 1 (basics) starts. Anngri is setting up her Maya and feels it is more serious than the college classes – they already feel more professional asking to install AMP source control plugin for collaborative work going forward, as well as version management. Which seems a lot more like the stuff one would do working in the studio.

Anticipation builds up and we are very anxious to see what it really is to be a student of Animation Mentor school.

For me personally, I started to pay more attention to animations in movies. While previously I simply enjoyed a nice picture – now I do analyze of what it would take to produce each nice effect or animation and admire those who created them.

Edge_of_Tomorrow conceptRecently we went to watch the Edge of Tomorrow, with Tom Cruise – that was a very good movie. I enjoyed graphics a lot. It wasn’t too much and mimics (the aliens) were pleasing my eyes 🙂 Highly recommend. It’s one of the best sci-fi movies we went to see this year.

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